About the Organization

The UX Society - DLSU Chapter is one of the many recognized UX Societies in the same network. There's UX Society ADMU, Davao, Orange County and the latest, UX Society AIM-Chapter.

UX Society - DLSU aids various organizations by creating quality products and services by applying principles, concepts and methodologies in such strategies. We hold workshops, seminars and conferences to train members about the essentials skills of proper UX discipline and methodologies.

About us

Web Design & Development

Creation of custom web designs from scratch and development using the best front-end technologies.

UX Education & Training

Learning more about User Experience, Experience Design, Design Strategy, Design Thinking, and many other UX related terms.

Community Engagement

Participation and volunteering work to different external events such as workshops & design conferences.

About us

What's our purpose?

The Mission-Vision

To create a community of Lasallian User Experience Designers and enthusiasts through User Experience Education and the creation of a distinct User Experience Culture within the university.

UX Society envisions to be DLSU's premier consulting and educational body for User Experience Strategy, particularly in technologies that enhance usability, guide human-computer interaction, and showcase effective visual design.